Capital asset utilization and planning

Increase your return
on investment

Our methodologies leverage real-time data and analytics-based insights to reduce downtime and drive increased capital asset efficiency.

We take a holistic approach starting with an assessment of equipment utilization using client data combined with data analysis for non-Philips equipment when it is available. We observe patient workflow for high-level observations, conduct interviews with key stakeholders, and identify potential improvements. We summarize our findings and develop our recommendations for client review.

Benefits of our approach include:

  • Improved ROI from increased equipment utilization and patient throughput
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction as clinicians and staff have more time to focus more on patients’ needs
Learn how we can help you get the most out of your capital investment.

High-level assessment to identify overall capacity and gaps

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your Philips and other medical equipment. System utilization reports and your in-house data identify the overall capacity, current usage, and gaps where utilization can be improved.

Equipment utilization analysis may lead to enhanced utilization

We conduct thorough staff and equipment observations to document a detailed analysis of patient workflows. This helps us to measure the overall and effective time of major steps in each process and create process maps to illustrate the critical process steps and potential bottlenecks.

Accelerated return on capital investments

Our team will create utilization reports, process maps, and other materials to identify and support the most critical areas in need of improvement. We will make several recomendations for improved system utilization and implementation plans.