The new OR: quality

care driven by data

The nature of anesthesia is changing.

You care for many patients with increasingly complex medical histories, but now there is a twist. Today’s healthcare environment is moving from evidence-based medicine to data-driven. New insights are emerging as data reveals trends that were never seen before. These insights provide new ways to improve care.


The OR is part of this trend. Meaningful use rules and new reimbursement practices require that you gather quality data in the OR.


For many, the OR is the last department to adopt an electronic medical record. You face the challenges of connecting into your current network and at the same time, controlling costs without jeopardizing patient care.


A single, comprehensive anesthesia solution is one answer. You need a solution that covers the full range of perioperative care and connects into your existing systems the way you work. It must work for your oldest to your youngest patients, for high to low acuity, and in all your surgical procedures. And it must provide quality data.


Find out how you can have a custom, comprehensive solution to meet your anesthesia needs.

Clinicians talking next to a patient

“Anesthetists do not work in isolation, and their contribution to the function of the multidisciplinary teams in which they work has far-reaching consequences for patient care.”


“Best practice and patient safety in anesthesia.” Weller, J.M., Merry, A.F. British Journal of Anesthesia 110 (5): 671-3 (2013)