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HD 15 - DS

Refurbished Ultrasound Machine

Philips HD15 PureWave ultrasound system is the go-to system to efficiently manage a high quantity of patients . Advanced diagnostic tools streamline routine exams. Superb images help you confidently diagnose technically challenging patients.


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    Premium technologies || Exceptional image quality

    Premium technologies for stunningly high-quality images

    The flagship system of the HD family, the HD15 system integrates premium technologies and advanced features to deliver stunning images across your patient population . Next generation architecture offers new high- resolution analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion technology and 4X parallel processing, leading to superb contrast and detail resolutions as well as outstanding 4D volume rates.
    Advanced XRES || Simple to use

    Advanced XRES virtually eliminates speckle noise

    This adaptive processing feature eliminates virtually all speckle noise, improving image quality and margin definition. XRES is supported on all imaging transducers.
    iSCAN provides one-button || Versatile performance

    iSCAN provides one-button optimization

    Quickly and automatically adjust system parameters in both 2D and Doppler modes based on patient and exam types in iSCAN. Fewer keystrokes are needed, and you can count on a superb, high-quality image in each exam.
    QLAB software for on- and off- cart || Best practice refurbishment

    QLAB software for on- and off- cart automated quantification.

    This software allows users to perform on-cart and off-cart advanced automated quantification including the opening, viewing, and quantification of 3D data sets via the GI 3DQ tool set.
    Broadband digital || Exceptional image quality

    Broadband digital beam former for superb detail

    The advanced signal processing and broadband digital beam former acquire and process the entire tissue signatures to define tissue interfaces and structural detail.
    SonoCT imaging || Simple to use

    SonoCT imaging for exceptional clarity

    Create an superb, high-quality image with SonoCT imaging. It compounds up to nine lines of sight to provide tissue information.
    Active native data || Versatile performance

    Active native data reduces the need to repeat studies.

    Adjust virtually all imaging parameters on stills and clips of 2D and Doppler data during or after exams. Active native data helps you enhance diagnostic detail, shorten exam time , and reduce the need to repeat studies.
    Microfine EX || Exceptional image quality

    Microfine EX focusing for superb image

    This technology employs dynamic tuning of the receive lens, and up to five times more focal points than previous generation systems. This way, Microfine EX focusing provides superb image sharpness and uniformity throughout the entire depth of field.
    Tissue specific imaging (TSI) || Simple to use

    Tissue specific imaging (TSI) enhance image quality

    TSI technology optimizes the transducer for the specific exam type, resulting in excellent image quality with little need for adjustment.
    3D Fetal Echo STIC || Versatile performance

    3D Fetal Echo STIC creates an interactive volume image

    Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (STIC) uses the system’s ability to capture multiple volumes and synchronize them based on a calculated heart rate to create a volume image that can be displayed and interrogated during playback.
    Refurbishment process || Best practice refurbishment

    Refurbishment process provides like-new condition

    Each Diamond Select system is factory refurbished and can be customer configured with the latest compatible software upgrades. To maintain the high standards set by Philips and meet your stringent performance requirements, all Diamond Select systems undergo a thorough refurbishment process.
    Tissue Harmonic Imaging || Exceptional image quality

    Tissue Harmonic Imaging reduces imaging artifacts

    The HD15 features Pulse Inversion Technology and Tissue harmonic Imaging to provide pure, broadband harmonic signals to reduces artifacts while preserving tissue definition and resolution.
    Live iSlice || Simple to use

    Live iSlice helps zero in on a region of interest

    Make live tomographic slices of 3D datasets via a one-touch quick key, to quickly zero in on your region of interest.
    Advanced 3D/4D capability || Versatile performance

    Advanced 3D/4D capability for analysis of volume data

    The HD15 offers advanced 3D/4D with Multiplanar Reformatting (MPR). This fast and robust 3D/4D capability provides visualization and analysis of volume data and is also viewable in 3D color Doppler, Invert and Color Invert modes.


    System dimensions
    System dimensions
    • 57 cm
    • 138-155 cm
    • 110 cm
    • 100 kg
    Control panel
    Control panel
    Monitor size
    • 51 cm

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