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iU22 xMatrix -DS

Refurbished Ultrasound Machine

The iU22 system combines exciting technologies and superb imaging performance on a user-centric ergonomically-designed cart - unlike any other ultrasound system available.


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    Superb performance || Exceptional image quality

    Superb performance helps meet diagnostic challenges

    The L9-3 transducer provides superb vascular performance across a wide variety of patient sizes and applications, from carotid to lower extremity exams,. Its high performance color flow and pulsed Doppler offer exceptional evaluation of blood flow, helping you meet your diagnostic needs.
    Superb TCD performance || Efficient workflow

    Superb TCD performance to visualize color flow

    PureWave aids transcranial Doppler ultrasound (TCD) exams. The S5-1 PureWave transducer provides both temporal and orbital access. The TCD image allows you to see color flow and place a sample volume, rather than imaging blindly.
    Auto Doppler || Versatile performance

    Auto Doppler speeds up exams

    Auto Doppler automates the most repetitive manual controls, speeding an standardizing vascular exams by offering automatic spectral Doppler optimization, auto angle correction and auto color optimization as well as auto sample volume placement in the are of the greatest color flow signal.
    iOPTIMIZE Intelligent || High-quality refurbishment

    iOPTIMIZE Intelligent Optimization saves time

    iOPTIMIZE Intelligent Optimization saves time by instantly adjusting system performance for different parties sizes, flow states, and clinical requirements.
    Excellent abdominal exams || Exceptional image quality

    Excellent abdominal exams even for challenging patients

    With the C5-1 PureWave transducer, imaging larger patients results in exceptional penetration and quality of Doppler and image resolution. The C5-1 provides superb performance for virtually all your patients, from those who are easy to image to those more technically challenging.
    Exceptional surgical visualization || Efficient workflow

    Exceptional surgical visualization for realtimes assessment

    When you couple the L15-7 io transducer with the iU22 ultrasound system, you have an excellent tool for real-time assessment during surgery. The design an small size of the L15-7io allows for exceptional visualization of surgical incision sites and placement directly on the vessel.
    SmartExam Guided || Versatile performance

    SmartExam Guided Workflow increases consistency

    By automatically planning and processing application protocols, SmartExam makes designing a new type of exam easily. Perform the exam, and the iU22 remembers every step of the protocol, automatically recording required views, annotation, body markets, mode changes, and quantification. This pre-recorded exam template helps to provide consistency in future exams.
    Plaque Quantification Tool || High-quality refurbishment

    Plaque Quantification Tool allows you to quantify cardiovascular risk

    The Philips Vascular Plaque Quantification tool non –invasively uses 3D technology to automatically visualize and quantify the overall volume of vascular plaque in the carotid artery, which may help determine an increased risk for stroke of vascular diseases.
    iScan one button || Versatile performance

    iScan one button push for an enhanced image

    iScan one-button optimization quickly and automatically adjust system parameters in both 2D and Doppler modes based on patient and exam types. It decreases keystrokes while providing an excellent image in each exam.
    High Q real-time tracking || High-quality refurbishment

    High Q real-time tracking adds measurements to report

    High Q provides real-time tracking of Doppler signal, automatically selecting the highest peak velocity and with the touch of a button adding measurements to your report.
    iFocus Intelligent || Versatile performance

    iFocus Intelligent Focusing Technology for extra ordinary detail

    iFocus Intelligent Focusing technology automatically computes beam characteristics for a selected region of interest, and then provides excellent detail resolution and uniform tissue characterization.
    Automated IMT measurement || High-quality refurbishment

    Automated IMT measurements help the clinician assess

    Intima Media Thickness (IMT) assessment helps assess cardiovascular disease for the efficacy of anti-atherogenic drugs.
    Refurbishment process provides like- ... || kba1

    Refurbishment process provides like- new condition

    Each Diamond Select system is factory refurbished and can be customer configured with the latest compatible software upgrades. To maintain the high standards set by Philips and meet your stringent performance requirements, all Diamond Select systems undergo a thorough refurbishment process.


    System dimensions
    System dimensions
    • 55,9 cm
    • 139,7-162,6 cm
    • 109,2 cm
    • 156,8 kg
    Control panel
    Control panel
    Monitor size
    • 50,8 cm

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