November 16, 2021 by Philips

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    Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report: Increasing Care Capacity and Clinical Confidence

    Digital technologies are key to boosting care capacity and clinical confidence. Strategic partnerships can be instrumental for health systems to implement solutions.

    This report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services explores how digital solutions, such as virtual care and predictive analytics, have helped health systems improve access to care, augment expertise and enhance patient satisfaction.

    Can we predict who will develop heart failure? Can we predict who will develop atrial fibrillation, and thereby potentially prevent it? Those are big questions in cardiovascular medicine. You have to examine whether there are tools applicable to those big questions. That is something most, if not all, hospitals would agree that they need outside help to do.” 

    Dr. Steven J. Corwin

    President and Chief Executive Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian

    Increasing care capacity and clinical confidence report cover

    This report focuses on how digital technologies can help increase care capacity and clinical confidence, including:


    • Virtual care programs to extend reach and provide more cost-effective and proactive treatment 
    • AI-enabled services to improve operational efficiency  
    • Predictive analytics to support clinical decision making across care ecosystems
    • Interoperable information systems to integrate multiple data streams securely

    Together with our partners, we have been able to increase our profitability quite a lot. Because our hospital is not too large, we have been able to take a more flexible approach, experimenting with new ways to organize our workforce and our processes. Our partners have played a vital role in helping us to think about how we can do that.”

    Dr. Pasi Lehto

    Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tays Heart Hospital, a subsidiary of Tampere University Hospital, Tampere, Finland

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