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Philips ultrasound solutions connect technology, clinicians and patients to empower patient-focused care and elevate the healthcare experience. Our comprehensive portfolio – ranging from ultra-mobile handheld devices to premium cart-based systems – is designed to empower clinical confidence, with innovations that enhance imaging accuracy and performance. We’re committed to designing sustainable solutions for reliability, scalability and ease-of-use. Paired with shared architecture and comprehensive service programs, our solutions deliver lifetime value to you and your patients.

Video describing the benefits of one powerful product family with one user experience for a multitude of clinical applications.

Shared system DNA enhances walk-up usability

Philips ultrasound machines feature a common user experience across the platform, so you can choose the best combination for your clinical needs. This shared DNA, combined with thoughtful features that promote walk-up usability, streamlines training, supports staffing flexibility and simplifies reporting workflow. In addition, many of our transducers can be used on a variety of systems, allowing for greater flexibility in managing your transducer inventory.   

Photo of a female clinician remotely connecting with a specialist via teleultrasound from an ultrasound system while performing an ultrasound exam.

Extend your team without expanding it

Philips Collaboration Live* enables secure talk, text, screen share and video stream functions, allowing users to remotely access expertise directly from the ultrasound system. The Collaboration Live solution can be used to provide real-time remote clinical diagnosis,** decision support and training on care protocols.


*Collaboration Live requires VM 7.0.5 or higher. Remote diagnostic use requires VM 9.0 or higher.  
**Accessible via compatible clients including iOS, Android, Chrome web browser and Windows with release 9.0 or higher.

Photo of a range of different types of ultrasound transducers.

High-resolutions transducers for swift and precise imaging

Philips offers a wide range of transducers for excellence in echocardiography, doppler and sonography. They feature intelligent imaging technology for 2D, 3D, 4D, flat, static and moving imaging along with an ergonomic design for comfortable scanning. For example, leading-edge xMATRIX technology enables quick and easy volume acquisition, supports multiple interrogation capabilities, and provides views not possible with 2D imaging.

Photo of a female clinician remotely connecting with a specialist via teleultrasound from an ultrasound system while performing an ultrasound exam.

It’s compact without compromise

Compact Ultrasound System 5000 series brings full functionality and supports quick, confident answers to you, wherever you are. The Compact 5000 Series offers a feature-rich core and a versatile range of diagnostic solutions – all built into a highly portable, cleanable, easy-to-use system.

Photo of a range of different types of ultrasound transducers.

Ultrasound capabilities in the palm of your hand

Lumify handheld ultrasound helps you diagnose and treat patients wherever they are – from the ambulance to the operating room and everywhere in between. With its rugged, military-grade hardware and innovative software, you can acquire critical clinical data quickly and easily. Lumify incorporates Reacts technology so that you can instantly collaborate with colleagues anytime and anywhere.

Technologies and innovations

  • xMATRIX transducer technology

    xMATRIX transducer technology enables scanning in two planes simultaneously. Available in 13 scanning modes, it enhances image clarity and eases workflow to make exams faster and easier for both clinicians and patients.

  • Flow Viewer 3D advanced visualization

    Available on Philips ultrasound machines, Flow Viewer defines vasculature with a 3D-like appearance and reduced flash artifact.

  • MicroFlow (MFI) and MicroFlow-HD (MFI-HD) imaging mode

    Available on Philips ultrasound transducers, MicroFlow Imaging (MFI) and MicroFlow HD (MFI-HD) detect slow and weak blood flow anatomy in tissue.

  • Technology Maximizer

    Boost your clinical capabilities and the performance of your equipment via software upgrades and refreshing your hardware.

  • Ultrasound AI Solutions

    Philips AI-based ultrasound solutions integrate into everyday clinical workflows and are designed to make it easier and faster for clinicians to acquire, select, measure and report accurate results.

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