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Enhancing the patient and staff experience


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Is the connection between your patient’s experience and their imaging outcomes clear?

Download: The patient factor: Imaging beyond the scan


Learn about:


  • Reducing the physical effects of stress to improve imaging outcomes
  • Improving patient comfort to reduce stress-induced behaviors
  • Improving staff experience for increased efficiency and a better patient experience
  • The financial implications of patient stress in imaging

Improving imaging outcomes through a better patient experience


The experience and comfort of patients in the imaging suite can have a real and tangible impact on multiple areas of the department. Patient movement, for example, can have a domino effect: non-diagnostic-quality images lead to re-scanning; re-scans delay patient diagnosis and hamper department throughput; and both staff and patient incur stress in the process.


By focusing on the people behind the images, we aim to improve the quality of imaging outcomes. Specially designed equipment that makes procedures more comfortable and pleasant for the patient, analytics that properly manage radiation exposure, and advanced technologies that help deliver the right image the first time: All help give patients a more positive feeling about their care and treatment and empower staff to put patients first.

Happy staff, happy patient: Empowering radiology staff for a better patient experience

Amber Pokorney, Chief Research MRI Technologist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital reflects on the demands radiology technologists must comply with in the current healthcare environment and solutions to address them:


  • Staying up-to-date on the latest technology while acquiring the right diagnostic-quality images in a timely manner
  • Understanding the role of the technologist in helping patients have a positive imaging experience
  • The potential of "smart” clinical applications that can assist in delivering reproducible planning

Putting patient comfort first: A new perspective on improving imaging outcomes

Dr. Peter W. Curatolo, Medical Director of MRI Services at Beverly Hospital, Lahey Health, describes how he has seen implementation of the Philips Ambient Experience and MR In-bore Solution in his imaging service:  


  • Enhance patient and staff experience
  • Reduce cancellations and improve workflow efficiency
  • Expand patient use of other hospital services, creating a trickledown effect that benefits the greater health system

The patient experience by the numbers


See how factors like patient anxiety, comfort and stress impact your ability to get the right image – and a confident diagnosis –  the first time.

Cost of patient stress in MR

Innovating radiology with people at the center


From the patient seeking a more positive treatment experience, to the radiologist in need of a confident diagnosis, to the hospital’s objective to increase efficiency and reduce costs, our approach to imaging is grounded in insights to meet real-world challenges.


Enhance the patient and staff experience
to ease patient stress and help technologists get to the right image faster



Drive appropriate imaging
by ordering the right test at the right juncture in the care pathway, and reduce the need for rescans 


Simplify Data Icon


Simplify data and insight gathering to create efficiencies and help meet target metrics today while planning for the future


Reduce Costs

Reduce costs
by reducing waste in the system



Radiologists share their perspective
Hear from peers how advanced technologies and product innovations from Philips are creating enhanced imaging and experiences for patients and staff. 
Philips working with the University of Vermont in the field of cognitive development
Philips working with the University of Vermont in the field of cognitive development.
Lahey Video
See how we collaborated with Lahey Health to confidently deliver the right images and insights – reducing stress in the healthcare system, while improving the experience for the patient and care team.
The MR patient journey. Augmented.
Using virtual reality, we have created an experience that takes your patients on a journey – showing them what to expect before an MRI scan.

Partner to transform across your enterprise




Explore how Philips provides enterprise-wide healthcare management consulting services to help improve clinical care, operational effectiveness, and financial performance.

Smartpath upgrades

Upgrades and trade-ins


Discover our portfolio of upgrades and trade-ins that can extend the life of your equipment. Partner with Philips to enhance your investment and expand your capabilities.Upgrades and trade-ins

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