IntelliVue MP90 CPU Wall Mounting GCX Wall Mount

Mounting solution

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Learn more about the options available to mount the IntelliVue MP90 patient monitoring system on a wall.

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CPU Wall Mount

GCX P/N: AG-0019-85 Includes: Flush mount pan with integrated spill shield; CPU may be vertically (front panel up/down) or horizontally oriented (front panel left/right) - picture shows vertical orientation, front panel up; Durable powder coat paint finish

Contact information:

GCX Corporation
3875 Cypress Drive
Petaluma, CA 94954
Ph: 707.773.1100, 800.228.2555
Fax 707.773.1180
  • For rails 8-10mm x 25-30 mm also use GCX P/N: 10M-0002-02 6 inch (15.2 cm) Rail Channel w/Wall Stop. Contact GCX for dual rail system solutions.