Enhancing diagnostic confidence at the University Clinic Bonn

By Philips, Featuring Dr. Barbara Wichtmann | April, 2023 | 12:57 min


Magnetic resonance


Enhancing Diagnostic Confidence with Philips SmartSpeed video thumb

Webinar highlights - Total duration [12:57]

  • [0:10] Why Philips SmartSpeed is so important
  • [1:28] Philips SmartSpeed within the prostate
  • [6:20] Philips SmartSpeed within the liver and pancreas
  • [9:55] Philips SmartSpeed in musculoskeletal imaging
  • [10:45] Philips SmartSpeed within the brain
  • [11:33] Fast Cardiac MR with Philips SmartSpeed 


Expert Forum Webinar - learn more about SmartSpeed to help advance clinical exams

Dr. Barbara Wichtmann, an MR radiology resident at the University Clinic Bonn will explain how she is using SmartSpeed in her practice to better evaluate brain, heart, musculoskeletal, liver, pancreas and prostate imaging studies.

Speakers list

Barbara Wichtmann

Barbara Wichtmann

Radiology Resident, University Clinic Bonn, Germany

“With the Philips SmartSpeed we are able to reduce the acquisition time from 12 seconds to 9 seconds and increase image quality. If you then apply AI denoising you have beautiful images without nearly any noise and you don’t lose any information.”

Barbara Wichtmann

Radiology Resident,

University Clinic Bonn, Germany

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