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Innovations – Ambient Experience in the uptake room

Active relaxation in the uptake room

The uptake phase of diagnostic imaging procedures such as PET/CT can be challenging. For optimal distribution of the tracer, patients should be relaxed, awake and minimally active during uptake. However, the anticipation of a diagnosis can be intensely stressful. After injection, patients are left alone in the uptake room, a time that is often characterized by stress and uncertainty. To help patients achieve a sustained sense of calm during the procedure and facilitate clinical conditions and staff workflow, the Philips Ambient Experience uptake room solution provides patients with a soothing atmosphere and a sense of control.

uptake room image
uptake room image

The Philips Ambient Experience uptake room solution is designed to assist with the clinical procedure by transforming the physical space with light, video projection and sound.

Lighting, sound and projection tailored to the uptake process

Philips Ambient Experience integrates architecture and spatial design, leveraging technology (lighting, sound and projection) and workflow improvements to create unique, inviting healthcare spaces. Not only does this help provide increased patient comfort and involvement, it helps make clinicians’ jobs easier and improve workflow. Ambient Experience had already been applied to the PET/CT scanning room before. Now, the Ambient Experience is also available for the uptake room.

The Ambient Experience uptake room is designed to help patients achieve a sustained sense of calm during the course of the procedure. It supports the various stages of uptake: welcome, waiting, injection, uptake start, relaxation, and end of uptake. Lighting and ambience are adapted to each of the stages – clean, white light for patient introduction, task lighting to facilitate injection, low light and soothing audio for the first stage of the uptake, and a patient-selected visual theme that slowly comes on to keep the mind engaged.

Understanding the patient’s state of mind

To provide an environment that promotes relaxation, it is important to understand what’s going on in the minds of patients during uptake. A joint study of the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Philips Research Laboratories showed that the majority of patients could not relax for the duration of the uptake procedure and would become restless after 15 to 20 minutes.


To mitigate this stress, Philips did extensive research to optimize the visual themes available. A visual stimulus that engages and distracts patients is critical. Philips Ambient Experience for the uptake room offers a flowing, soothing visual journey without end. To prevent overstimulation, the video display size is kept modest. Initially, only a preview image is offered. After 20 minutes, to keep the mind engaged, the audiovisual theme is gradually introduced. Patients appreciate that they are given a choice of themes – it provides a sense of control over the experience for those who want that.

video thumbnail image

WATCH THE VIDEO to see how the Ambient Experience uptake room solution supports the various stages of uptake: welcome, waiting, injection, uptake start, relaxation and end of uptake.

Addressing a need in patients and clinicians


“My experience of the Ambient room is very positive. The largest benefit for me as a doctor is that the patient is very relaxed and that I have very good lighting of the arm of the patient when I want to do the FDG injection,” says Wouter Vogel, Nuclear Medicine Physician at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Ambient Experience gives patients an opportunity to manage their stress and puts clinicians in control by improving procedural efficiency and patient compliance. It conveys an attitude of well-being with a focus on patient satisfaction that could become a differentiating factor for your hospital or cancer center.

For more information


Read more about the Philips Ambient Experience uptake room solution here.

Written by:

werner satter

Werner Satter, Director, HC Experience Solutions

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